Casino de Saxon

Through the following timeline, discover the emblematic history of the majestic Casino de Saxon :


End of the 30's: Construction of a modest spa in Saxon.


1847: Major Sépibus obtains the right to inaugurate a casino in the thermal centre, in which only foreigners will be admitted.


1855 : Joseph Fama takes over the establishment and transforms it into a luxurious casino, with a concert hall.


1860 : The new Casino facilities were then associated with the arrival of the railways, the closure of several gambling halls in Europe and the most effective advertising. The small village of Saxon then became a fashionable cosmopolitan centre.


1877: Closure of the casino following the decision of the federal authorities. This decision was aimed at banning gambling.


1949: The radical brass band "la Concordia" buys the historic casino and transforms it. For several years, the casino comes back to life and gambling is allowed again until 2002. Unfortunately, in this year, the end of gambling is sounded for lack of concessions.


2008: The municipality of Saxon buys the casino.


From 2010: The casino is rented by various companies in order to honour it and to give it a bit of movement. Between the croupiers' school, shows, cabarets, concerts, discotheques and a restaurant, the offer was great to spend great moments there.