Gourmet Walk

Sunday June 30, 2024


Rediscover the flavors of the emblematic Saxon apricot during a local culinary journey on the slopes of the left bank. Overlooking the village of Saxon and the Rhône plain, we offer five gastronomic breaks accompanied by wine, coffee and brandy. Departure is set at the Casino in Saxon then you will be taken by bus to the first post. You will descend via a marked path through the apricot fields to pass by the different posts.



Aperitif: Plate of appetizers (bread (La Gourmandine), apricot sausage (Salaisons d’Anniviers) and fresh goat’s cheese with apricot (la Grenette))

Starter: Poultry gallantine with apricots, sage and flaked almonds, served with a small mixed salad (La Bodega)

Dish: Roast pork with apricot sauce, garlic-parsley tagliatelle and Provençal tomato (Buffet de la Gare)

Dessert: Trio of apricot sweets (La Gourmandine)

For the bravest: Raclette

Drinks: Freyja, Dussex estate wines, Iris, Louis Morand & Cie SA

Children: Lunchbox (sandwiches, drinks and games)


Entirely made by local artisans and with local products, the gourmet stroll can also be accompanied by fruit juice, to satisfy the whole family. We also offer a vegetarian variation.



Sunday, June 30, 2024

Saxon casino gardens

Adults Bike or Pedestrian 70.-

Children -12 years old 15.-