Trail of the Pierre-à-voir

A must-see event for sports enthusiasts who love to climb, the Trail de la Pierre à voir offers a route through nature to the highest point, the Pierre-à-voir !


This race, open to both elite sportsmen and amateurs, offers a course extending over 34 km of the most bewitching landscapes and paths. It also offers the opportunity for younger enthusiasts to take part in a reduced itinerary, approaching 20 km. Nothing better than the few words of a member of the organizing committee, Bernard Mayencourt, to convince us of this :


"The trail of the Pierre-à-voir opens the trail season in Valais. The scenery is really nice and, from the Boveresse or even better, from the Pierre-à-voir, the view over the Rhone plain is breathtaking! See you in Saxon on the 2nd Saturday of June! »


Official website :

Chargement de la vidéo

June 8, 2024

Departure from the Saxon Casino Gardens

100.- per team or 50.- individually on the long course, 30.- on the small